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"I am an Italian figurative painter bringing old masters’ techniques into a lyrical, symbolic, and oneiric contemporary vision influenced by art nouveau."



vernissage february 1th, h.18

Art White Night February 3rd h.18

solo show and studio visit

Studio d'Arte Erica Calardo, Bologna, Italy

Erica Calardo (Genoa, 1980) is a figurative painter living and working in Bologna, Italy.


Her works in oils, watercolors, and pencils are windows on the solitude of lost souls. She explores the realm of Beauty, Grotesque, Magic, by creating eery oneiric feminine figures who tell tales of long forgotten dreams, of an imaginary timeless past.


Deeply rooted in the Italian Tradition, her technique is inspired by the Renaissance and Mannerism old masters (Leonardo, Bronzino, and Lavinia Fontana above all). She is mostly self-taught and has learned her skills from old dusty books. She has recently studied academic painting with Italian master Roberto Ferri. 



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